collection & preservation

Gallstones for Sale – Ox Gallstones for Sale. The gallstones are separated from any waste product such as the bile, bile tubes and are extracted near the liver. Washed with cold water in order to remove any blood or other imperfections. They are then stored in a dark, well air conditioned, room, at 20°C, for two to three weeks, where they dry. In order to dry them more effectively and to avoid them sticking together they are flipped to another side regularly. After the end of the drying process, the stones are vacuum packed and sealed. Our gallstones are naturally collected from disease free cattles (very healthy) with their very own odor from mother nature. We have 100 % Whole OX/COW Gallstones | 100% Broken OX/COW Gallstone | 80% Whole And 20% Broken OX/COW Gallstones available for sale now with %100 discreet packaging and overnight shipping worldwide.

Collection of Our Gallstones

We are cattle farmers for over 3 decades now and we own one of the best ranche for cows, ox and bovines. Putting out the best in terms of healthy cattles has been our number one priority from day one. As such after slaughtering, we cut open the gallbladders and bile duct of these cattles and empty same in basin of clean water to get rid of the blood. Afterwards we use a sieve in another basin of clean water to collect these gallstones carefully. 

Preservation of Our Gallstones

This is one of the most important steps in this business as these are precious stones that requires a lot of care and attention when preserving same, since a bad method of preservation will lead to diminishing the quality and also affects the prices. Gallstones City is proud to say we have just the best methods of preserving these stones. We spread out our gallstones on a clean cardboard box with no lid in a well-ventilated, dark and dry place out of the reach of insects, ants, and kids. We also get to erect some tables to with we place these cardboards on top so it gets dry above ground level. And we get to turn these stones carefully after every 3 – 5 hours to make sure every part gets dry. Our drying period will last for over two weeks and we can then be confident enough that our gallstones are ready for collection and export. We also get to select them and separate same according to their sizes and shapes. This process is done carefully so the stones do not break or crack any further.

Payment , Packaging and Shipping

We accept Bitcoin as our best payment option, very discreet, secured and fast. Bank transfers are only open for bulk buyers above 1kg. No product leaves our stock until it has been paid for. Once payment has been confirmed by our cashiers on seat, we shall get your gallstones packaged for shipment asap and also issue you a tracking number. Our packaging is %100 discreet in Plastic Pouch/carton as per buyer’s request and we offer shipping via DHL, UPS, TNT or FedEx. Delivery takes just 3 – 5 working days worldwide and also depending on your location. We look forward maintaining a long term business relationship with you all. Search no more, as you can now PLACE IN YOUR ORDER directly on our site today.